Osteopathy – Allowing Health to Re-emerge

“To find Health is the object of the osteopath, anyone can find disease” A T Still (founder of osteopathy 1876)

Wow, what a statement. Osteopaths view the human body as a single dynamic unit, not a collection of parts and pieces, but it doesn’t feel like that when your back or knee is really hurting!

But guess what?, your knee can be hurting because your hip is stiff, and your hip can be stiff because your pelvis is not balanced, and your pelvis may not be balanced becauase your head doesn’t sit well on the top of your neck, and your head may not be sitting well on the top of your neck because you fell off your bike some years ago and wrenched you neck ligaments …… so, even though the site of the problem or pain is obvious to you, it is not always the actual cause of the problem!

Our osteopaths are like body detectives, listening to your history of life events such as old accidents and falls, previous surgery etc. We review your current health status and demands on your body, such as occupation or sports activity, emotional strees etc. Then, using our hands we work to gently release, mobilise and free patterns of tension and restriction and allow your health to re-emerge and settle your symptoms.

Whether back, neck, or joint pain, disturbed sleep, digestive issues, headache, circulatory problems and more, osteopathy is a recognised system of ‘hands on’ healthcare which links body structure with its ability to work at its best.

With almost 100 years of combined practice experience, our osteopaths have seen the very widest range of health problems you can imagine. From newborn to the elderly, our osteopaths understand how each person, and their individual life story will can affect the body’s capacity to get and stay well.

We look forward to helping you.




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Easing pain? Relieving stiffness? Improving sleep?



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Our osteopaths are deeply committed to the underlying philosophy (principles?) of osteopathy, that everyone has an inherent capacity to move towards being well. Our gentle hands on approach is designed to encourage/allow/help/ your body to work to the best of this ability.

Osteopaths aim to support the body’s own self-healing mechanisms and help promote good function in all aspects, including musculoskeletal, circulatory, respiratory and digestive.






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