Ante/Post Natal Care

Our experienced osteopaths really enjoy working with mums to be. It’s such an exciting time, knowing a new life is growing and preparing to enter the world. A woman’s body will go through several important shifts during pregnancy and our mums come to the practice for all sorts of pregnancy related symptoms!

Significant postural changes are going to occur as pregnancy progresses, aided by the release of hormones designed to allow ligaments to soften and stretch. This will help mum’s spine accommodate the new shape her back, ribs and pelvis will need to take as her body adapts to the growing “bump”.

Mostly these changes go well, but some mums experience aches and pains as their spinal curves are changing. We osteopaths are experienced in assessing and offering treatment to help the spine and pelvis accommodate for changes in pregnancy.

Call the practice, and one of our osteopaths will arrange to ring you back to discuss any problems or concerns you may have during your pregnancy.