Pre and Primary School Children

Throughout the developmental milestones of rolling, crawling and sitting, to standing, walking and mastering speech our children are learning and integrating new skills at an extraordinary rate. A parents role is to guide and stimulate the child through this roller coaster journey, ensuring that each process is mastered. As children grow and start their school life several aspects of their development come into sharp focus as they are expected to learn lots of new skills, intellectually, physically and socially.

School also brings new challenges to the immune system as they are exposed to lots of new friends, and their germs! At this age children are growing steadily, their baby teeth start falling out, their faces lengthen and aches and pains may occur. They also start getting into scrapes, as their urge to explore overcomes their awareness of danger!

Our osteopaths are trained and qualified to work with children of all ages. They are trained to screen for medical conditions, and will tell you if your child needs to see another health professional, such as their doctor or other specialist.

Osteopathic techniques are suitable for children, and are safe and gentle. Our osteopaths will assess your child to see which treatment approaches might help.