Louise Megan Owen – Osteopath BSc Ost, DO, BA Hons

I was first exposed to Osteopathy as a child when Osteopathic treatment meant my brother was able to avoid having surgery. A while later I was reminded of how successful osteopathic treatment can be, when treatment for my own health problems in my twenties really helped me!  That was when I decided to leave my career as a medical underwriter and study Osteopathy myself.

I studied at The European School of Osteopathy graduating in 2008, and have committed to regular professional post graduate training, which has included cranial osteopathy. I am just completing the eight year, Traditional Osteopathy (Biodynamics) curriculum taught by Christian.
I have developed a special interest in headaches and migraines and also the role of nutrition and digestion in health, such a fast moving and exciting field within healthcare, with much to offer patients as an adjunct to their osteopathic care.

I really love the wide variety of patients I see, but I find treating infants and young children and the elderly especially rewarding, treatment can make such a big difference to their quality of life.  I am a practitioner for the charity Arthritis Action that provides subsidised treatment and support for those suffering from all types of Arthritis.

Osteopathy is just the best profession, I see daily how much it can help people overcome health challenges and barriers.  It has a real breadth in approach that means osteopathy has something to offer most people whatever size, shape, age or problem!

My life also includes a love of art, reflected in my first degree which was Modern Art History.  I love being creative and playing with colours and shapes, and my rescue cat Bonnie.