Mary Bolingbroke – Osteopath
D.O., D.P.O, Faculty D.P.O. Daisy Trust programme Eire.

I came to osteopathy when my Granny’s arthritic knee flared up bringing her life of independence to a standstill. At a local Education Advice Centre I asked about massage courses, thinking that may help Granny’s knee. An insightful woman there said, ‘Learn osteopathy, if you don’t like it, after a term you will have learnt enough to be a masseur, but if you do like it you will have a career for life’, off I went to the British School of Osteopathy and sure enough she was right, before the year was out, I was hooked!, graduating as an osteopath in 1992.

My post graduate training began when I started work at the Osteopathic Centre for Children in London and it was there that I experienced first hand how incredibly effective craniosacral osteopathy can be. Inspired, I went on to study with the Sutherland Society and later with Dr Jim Jealous in the U.K and U.S.A.

In 1997 I began teaching osteopathy in the U.K and in Ireland at the Daisy Clinic Trust, an osteopathic paediatric training centre. Since then, I have also continued to deepen my understanding of this fascinating subject by studying with leading teachers in Europe and the USA.

I love osteopathy because every patient has a different story and every story is as interesting and intriguing as the last. Being a part of the healing journey that is woven into that story is quite a privilege.

My work with practice colleague Mary Monro treating horses and dogs is just as fascinating as treating people, as well as, an opportunity to get out into the beautiful country side of Wiltshire and beyond.  With horses, dogs, or in fact any creature, we use just the same techniques that we use with babies, children, teenagers, adults and seniors which shows how universal healing and Osteopathic principles are!

I live here in Bradford on Avon with my lovely husband who is an acupuncturist. We enjoy being outside, being in nature, exploring the countryside and trying to tame a wild garden.