Aromatherapy is an ancient and proven form of Complementary Healthcare. Using massage techniques, with pure essential oils in the massage medium. The massage itself can be extremely relaxing (if so required) the benefits of which can stay with you for some time. Inducing feelings of improved vitality, releasing tension, both acute and on everyday levels, and it can increase our bodies immune system functioning. Regular massage is shown to benefit many long term debilitating illnesses, but also, can improve ones vitality in general.

Postural problems, aches and pains, postoperative recovery, insomnia, hormonal conditions, help with depressions and stress management and many other of life’s dis-harmonies, can be soothed, treated and even alleviated.

Practitioner: Angela Davies Contact number 0790 171 2234

As a Holistic Therapist I have many skills, which often get incorporated into treatments or can be called for as an individual treatment. I offer a variety of massage techniques – Eastern, Western, Swedish; Acupressure, Reiki healing (a subtle but effective ‘Hands on’ re-energising and balancing experience) Indian Head Massage, (which is done whilst seated).

Working alongside the other practitioners here at ‘Church Street’ I often get referred patients, as Massage, especially Holistic Aromatherapy, is a fantastic compliment to all other body work.


For a New Patient I charge £60 – that gives time for a full consultation and an Initial Introductory Treatment.

Full Body Massage £52 – a chance to help you really relax, with time to deal with any specific problem area’s

Back, Shoulders and Neck £38 – Especially suited if you get tension stiffness regularly.

Facial £30 – an absolute treat. fantastic for the complexion, and thoroughly relaxing too.

Scalp. Neck and Face £32 – Very therapeutic, especially good if you have not got time available for a full body treatment, essentially invigorating.

Hands and Feet £33 – Wonderful, you would be surprised how neglected our extremities are, also excellent if some disability prevents body treatment.

GIFT VOUCHERS AVAILABLE please contact Angela directly.

If you have any queries or wish to book an appointment, please telephone 0790 171 2234 or reception at Church Street Practice.

I am happy to offer a free 15 minute consultation should you wish to discuss a specific condition or objective.