Low Cost Check-ups

Our £10 “check-up” appointments are an ideal low cost way to come in and thoroughly discuss your health issues with one of our osteopaths to find out if we think osteopathy could be a useful treatment approach for you.

A 20 -30 minute appointment, at which your osteopath will listen closely to your health complaint case history, to discuss how and why your problems have occurred.  The appointment may include a (fully clothed) postural assessment and examination of simple movements to explore how well different regions of your body are working. Your osteopath will then outline their thoughts on possible diagnosis and from their extensive experience help you decide whether osteopathic treatment is going to be the best choice for you at this time.

If osteopathic treatment is a good way forward for your health problem, you can book a return treatment session soon after (and often on the same day) at our standard “follow on” appointment rate.

Our check-up appointments are available for all age ranges as:

Newborn Check-up
Pre School Check-up
Primary Age Check-up
Secondary Age Check-up
Senior Check-up

Call out friendly and efficient reception team on 01225-868282 for more details or to make an appointment.