Massage Appointment Fees
Angela Davies

For a New Patient I charge £60 – that gives time for a full consultation and an Initial Introductory Treatment.

Appointments thereafter:

Full Body Massage £52 – a chance to help you really relax, with time to deal with any specific problem area’s

Back, Shoulders and Neck £38 – Especially suited if you get tension stiffness regularly.

Facial £30 – an absolute treat. fantastic for the complexion, and thoroughly relaxing too.

Scalp. Neck and Face £32 – Very therapeutic, especially good if you have not got time available for a full body treatment, essentially invigorating.

Hands and Feet £32 – Wonderful, you would be surprised how neglected our extremities are, also excellent if some disability prevents body treatment.

GIFT VOUCHERS FOR MASSAGE, A WONDERFUL PRESENT, ARE ALSO AVAILABLE please contact Angela directly on 07901 – 712 234.